Why you Should Study Abroad in Costa Rica!

Many universities offer a wide range of study abroad programs, and sometimes the choice of where to go can be quite daunting. There are a few reasons that studying abroad in Costa Rica may be the perfect fit for you.


It’s no secret that Costa Rica is the safest country in Central America, so this makes it a top choice for many students, especially those who may be leaving their home country for the first time. Costa Rica boasts a large tourism industry, in addition to the locals being extremely friendly and accommodating to tourists, expats and students!

Environment, Ecology and Sustainable Farming

Studying abroad in Costa Rica is a popular choice among those studying in Environmental Science programs, Ecology and Sustainable Farming for a number of reasons. From turtle conservation projects to coffee farming, Costa Rica boasts quite a bit of biodiversity, making it a popular choice for people pursing degrees in any of these areas.

Volunteer Teaching

While Costa Rica is certainly ahead of the game in Central America in a number of areas, unfortunately, the public schools still lack qualified English teachers to help the poorer students. While children in private schools get plenty of access to English from a young age, the sad truth is, that the poorest children, the ones who need it the most, are generally left behind when it comes to language learning.

Veterinary Programs and Internships

Costa Rica has made many advances in regards to domesticated animals. However, sadly, there are still many locals who mistreat their pets, simply due to cultural ignorance. There are plenty of opportunities for Veterinary Internships in Costa Rica to help local vets with spaying and neutering campaigns, as well as educating the local public on how to properly take care of their domesticated animals.

If studying abroad in Costa Rica is on your list of places to pursue, reach out to Hibiscus Travels, and we would be happy to partner with your university or college to meet their criteria and help make your dreams a reality!

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