Man’s Best Friend – left on the side of the road

In Costa Rica, over a million stray and abandoned dogs roam the country, always struggling for food and shelter, and often suffering from debilitating diseases.

Domestic animal welfare services are critically underfunded and understaffed, which means chances for a good life for most of the these dogs are slim. 

If the plight of these pups is something that affects you, and you want to help, you can. Through our domestic veterinary internship, volunteers come to Costa Rica and spend time helping out at local veterinary clinics; while experience in working with animals would certainly be useful, it is also certainly not mandatory. You would learn on the job, and gain valuable skills in doing so, while also making a difference in these animals’ lives (while the situation is most critical with dogs, cats and other domestic animals are also frequently abandoned, or never had a home to begin with). 

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and get the process started! 

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