Want to help children further their prospects?

Teaching English Abroad and Community Development programs provide Costa Rican children with much needed English lessons that significantly help to further their future prospects. 

In Costa Rica, much of the country’s economy is based around the tourism industry, with it contributing to around 13% of direct and indirect employment in the country, and making up 7% of their total GDP. This means that knowledge of English has become a highly sought after skill, as the majority of the tourists are American, or from other parts of the West, which means many jobs now require employees to have, at the very least, a basic understanding of English. While the Costa Rican Ministry for Public Education said last year that teaching English in their public schools was a ‘priority’, there are still many schools - especially those in remote, rural areas - that still don’t have access to an English teacher. 

By volunteering to teach English in Costa Rica, you will be helping to prepare these children for their future careers, giving them a boost ahead of those without English skills. In doing so, you will find yourself being rewarded with a rich and fulfilling experience, all the while gaining useful experience that will look great on a CV - and spending time in a tropical paradise! 

Find out more and apply at https://www.hibiscustravels.com/

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