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Biology Field Station






Experimental & Laboratory 


Agujas, Puerto Jimenez, Osa Penninsula, Costa Rica

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On-Site Biologists

Our biological field station provides a living library and outdoor laboratories for students, researchers, and the general public interested in the environment. They vary greatly in form and purpose and include both marine laboratories whose focus is offshore, as well as terrestrial reserves dedicated to protecting key ecosystems.

We share a commitment to advancing our understanding of the Earth by supporting research, teaching, conservation efforts, and public education.

Research stations provide an invaluable service to local communities and the country by providing unbiased scientific information and facilities to help governmental and other stakeholders tackle critical environmental issues. Field station staff and researchers often play a critical role in ensuring that environmental considerations are factored into local and regional planning and development decisions.

Our access to partner properties for investigation purposes are embedded within a broad network of diverse land uses–active and abandoned cattle pastures, agricultural land in use and abandoned, and reforestation plots, rural residential areas with new construction, and more. We are happy to assist researchers who wish to conduct projects across a range of ecosystems or land uses. 


Why Conduct Fieldwork At Osa Institute’s Biological Station?

  • Access to diverse rainforest habitat

  • Easy access to both primary and secondary rainforest across a range of soil types

  • Short walk to pristine beaches, sandy and rocky beach habitats

  • Healthy populations of all major Mesoamerican rainforest faunal taxa, including large mammals such as jaguars, tapirs and peccaries

  • High densities of primates

  • Opportunities to establish long-term research plots

  • Internet access

  • Comfortable facilities and healthy Costa Rican meals

  • Accessible town with tourist amenities and emergency medical support less than 10 minutes away

  • Comfortable on-site living arrangements, classroom learning areas, laboratories, common areas, dining areas

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