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What is included in the prices listed for the programs?


This depends on the selected program. Our faculty-led study abroad trips can be completely customized.

What is the climate like in
Costa Rica?


Costa Rica is a tropical climate, so as you can imagine, it is pretty warm most of the time! However, there are mountainous areas that enjoy cooler temperatures, and we have a rainy season between May and November. Dress lightly for warm weather and definitely remember the sunblock. We will provide you with a list of items you should bring for your particular program.

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What will our day look like?


We customize your daily service time based on the activities you are doing, where you are placed, and the number of people in your group. On average, most groups spend about 3 - 5 hours a day volunteering, excursions, and time for Spanish classes if that is included in your project. Your Spanish classes are tailored to compliment your service work. We also take into account how much time you are spending traveling to and from your project.

Who are we doing service work for?

We have partnerships with dozens of community organizations, schools, orphanages, medical facilities and conservation projects (animal and environmental) all over the country. We work closely with our partners while planning your trip to make sure you get the experience you are looking for when you come to Costa Rica. Specific program details are shared with you once you have completed the application process.

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Will we have free time?


Absolutely! Evenings and weekends are your time to plan excursions, relax, or spend time in the community you are volunteering in. We are happy to help you plan things to do, or we have even helped groups integrate outings like
a few hours at a local beach when time permits during the day. Its your project, and we are happy to fit as many fun activities in as you would like.

Is Costa Rica safe?


Yes, Costa Rica is very safe country. It is called the Switzerland of Central America boasts a large tourism industry, in addition to a number of expats who reside in the country as well. There is no military in the country, and Costa Ricans are known to be very friendly people. That being said, we still urge you to take any normal precautions you would while traveling anywhere else in the world and to always be safe.

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